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How to find the best content writing services for your brand

Are you thinking about outsourcing content creation for some or all of your online platforms? Whether it's for social media, website, blog posts or newsletters, here is our guide on how to find the best content writing services for your brand.

1. What content do you need?

What is your content strategy, and where would an outsourced writer fit in? You need to take some time to write down precisely what you want and need from someone regarding the content associated with your brand. While everyone is under lockdown, now is the perfect time to do this! Think about your audience, personas with each audience and how you are going to reach them - what content is going to help you communicate during each stage of the funnel?

2. Which aspects of your content marketing strategy would you like to outsource?

Once you've refined your content strategy, it's time to get the ball rolling. You can keep a part of the tasks for your in-house team and leave the rest in the hands of specialists that work for an agency or with freelancers. Blog content, email newsletters and web copy are long-form writing tasks that take time and drain in-house resources. This is the ideal type of content to outsource to a team you trust with your brand tone of voice (Hello AMA!).

3. Is outsourcing right for your in-house team?

Outsourcing content is a perfect solution. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a large firm, keeping you and your team free to focus on other tasks while outsourcing the endless content required to keep your business front and centre. Once you build a relationship with an agency or freelancer and reliable workflow, everyone can get on with the job, and you can reach your goals far more efficiently.

4. Outsource only to agencies up to date with the latest trends.

Algorithms change regularly, or they evolve, we should rather say. With every development, your content strategy needs to be tweaked. SEO copywriting is not the same as it was when you first started building your website or blog. Instagram captions with long-form writing are far outperforming short one-liners. These things matter, and when you're selecting someone to trust your content marketing to, you need to examine their knowledge, use of analytics tools and skill set.

5. Assets, assets, assets

Don't set up your outsourced agencies and freelancers to fail. The more information you share, the better the outcome. You should have everything you need to share with your chosen agency ready at hand: - Brand guidelines - The tone of voice, with plenty of examples of approved content - Company language (US vs UK English, how you write numbers, dates, etc.) - Company mission - USP's - Product tech specs - Images - Statistics - don't underestimate the importance of data! - Audience and persona breakdown - Completed agency project brief (not sparing any details) As a side note: Please, from all of us in creative services, do not complete an agency brief in short-hand, single-word answers. This will undoubtedly end in wasting resources on both sides with back-and-forth questions, changes and overall dissatisfaction.

6. Editing is an in-house job.

Whether it is you, or a dedicated communications manager in your company, it is critical to have someone within your in-house team that is proof-reading your content before it goes live. This person will be responsible for the final approvals and needs to be able to ensure everything published is sending the correct message to your audience, is without spelling and grammar errors and represents your brand accurately. Expecting outsourced services to be flawlessly integrated into your team and producing perfect on-brand content every single time is unrealistic and every business needs to have someone on board doing final checks.

7. Lastly, check who you're working with and ask for examples.

Working with content writers is based on trust. To understand who you are working with, check out their Linkedin profiles, read up on testimonials and don't be afraid to ask for examples of previous work.

We hope you found this mini-guide on how to find the best content writing services for your brand helpful.

With the world rushing to get online as COVID-19 drives us into our homes and increasingly in front of our screens, there is a surging need for a robust content strategy. We'd love to help you with yours. Feel free to give us a shout, and we'll be just a Zoom call away.

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